When it comes to beauty products, I’ve never really been super brand loyal – all my ride or dies come from different brands, anywhere from prestige to drugstore, Dior to NYX. That being said, there are some brands that just get it right every time and lately, BECCA can do no wrong.

I’ve always loved BECCA’s liquid and powder highlighters, and of course, Jaclyn Hill’s baby, Champagne Pop. Needless to say, when I found out they were launching the Champagne Collection face palette with Jaclyn, I knew I HAD to have it.


The packaging. I’m such a packaging snob, so I will openly admit that 50% of me needing this face palette is due to how gorgeous the packaging is. It’s gold with a sleek, white cover and metallic design. The mirror is actually insanely perfect and the palette feels sturdy and luxurious overall. This is probably the prettiest piece of makeup that I own.


What is does. This limited-edition face palette has five shades of highlighter and blush, designed by Jaclyn Hill, to allow you to mix and match so you can create endless layers of light and color for the perfect custom glow.


Rose Spritz, my personal favorite, is a pretty pink blush “overlay” with gold shimmer. This is the stuff of angels and unicorns TBH. I’ve been using it over my bronzer and blending it into my highlight. Try it, trust me.

Amaretto, a bronzer blush, is described as a toasted almond shade. This blush is so pretty, but I’ve been using it as my bronzer/contour because it’s surprisingly my perfect shade.

Pamplemousse is a BRIGHT coral blush – it looks so pretty in the palette but it is truly bright pink on my light skin. With a light hand it’s super pretty, but not something I’ll reach for often.


Champagne Pop, the OG highlighter, is a true champagne shade with peach undertones and gold tint. The formula goes on like BUTTAH and it’s perfect, IMHO.

Prosecco Pop, the new highlighter in the collection, is a true yellow/gold highlighter and looks amazing with a tan. It’s also gorgeous layered over Champagne pop if you want to literally shine so bright astronauts can see you from space.

Overall, I’m SO happy I got my hands on this palette (it sold out in less than two hours the day it launched online!) and I’m bummed it’s limited-edition – but if you’re light-handed with products like me, this baby will last forevs.


If you weren’t lucky enough to get it during the app pre-sale or the day it launched online, there will be a re-stock on June 16th and the collection will also be launching in stores. IT’S LIT. YOU NEED THIS.

xo Erin